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When you’re approved for Instant Card Approval, you don’t just gain a credit line. You gain access to a members-only club for online shopping, and a $1,000 credit line that allows you access to THOUSANDS of your favorite brands and products. There’s NO credit check, so no application is denied.

Members-Only Rewards, Just For YOU!

Members are guaranteed a $1,000 credit line, no matter what their credit looks like. Not to mention, members are assured low monthly payments and absolutely ZERO credit checks! So you are guaranteed approval, even with poor or no credit at all! Our members gain access to a unique catalog card that includes thousands of brand-name and luxury shopping products. You don’t even have to leave your couch – it’s all at the touch of your fingers! Our team is always on the lookout for new products to add to our catalog, with a 0% interest policy, so our members are able to buy now and pay later using our payments plan with little to no stress. Members also receive exclusive discounts for top goods and services regularly, including round-the-clock roadside assistance, discounted legal services, lower prescription costs, and more!

Instant Card Approval is designed so that the more you use it, the more it benefits you! Active members receive $25 Reward Dollars monthly to use in over 500,000 different ways, called our Unique Rewards program. The program is designed specifically for our members to save money on the things they need – like shopping at their favorite online boutique, going out to the best local restaurant, traveling, entertainment, and more. Not only is this completely free for members, but these rewards do not expire, which means you can add them up each month to get even bigger rewards. The My Unique Outlet Shopping Club shows all of our latest products available to spend Reward Dollars on.

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Card Benefits

Instant Card Approval members receive exclusive, members-only benefits. These benefits include:

Discounted Rx

Get prescriptions for a better price at participating pharmacies! Our members are guaranteed the lowest possible cost that we’re able to provide and able to earn rewards while they save.

Discounted Legal Assistance

Enjoy discounted, or even FREE, legal services, in addition to one of the largest worldwide sources of legal providers in the industry.

Our Unique Rewards Program

Our Unique Rewards program allows members to spend monthly rewards on their favorite stores or restaurants. These rewards never expire, so members can save for bigger and better rewards.

Best Credit Practices

When a potential lender looks at your credit score, it tells them what they can expect of you as a client should they provide you with a loan or line of credit. Those with good credit are likely to get approved for a loan or credit card at a better interest rate with very little difficulty. Those with bad credit will likely have a tougher time getting approved, as lenders may be hesitant on the chance that they cannot be paid back. Those that are approved will most likely be at a higher interest rate, which means higher monthly payments. Before applying for loans or cards, the best thing to do is to make sure that your credit is in the best spot possible. But where to start?

The obvious places to start would be to make sure you are paying back loans and credits on time each month, and to request your yearly credit reports to double-check for any errors. For those just starting out with credit or who have a limited credit history, the best place to start would be a secured credit card. Secured credit cards are much easier to get approved on than unsecured cards, but these cards also come with a higher credit limit so those who are approved should tread carefully and only spend what they are sure they can repay. Credit scores take about 6 months to populate, but following these practices ensures that you’ll come out with the best score possible.